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Our Wealth Management Strategy

Hands-On, Strategic, Risk-Appropriate, and Cost-Effective.

We go beyond set-it-and-forget-it wealth management strategies. We do not believe your wealth management should be on autopilot. While those tactics may be based on good models, feasible forecasts, and accurate assessments of previous market histories, we at Wooster like to engage more fully. While the autopilot plans serve a valuable purpose in adding stability to long-term plans, we like to bring our high-end service and cutting-edge perspective to balance this approach. 

Transitioning from Savings to Distribution

Transitioning from Savings to Distribution

While the journey to your end goal may seem complex, Wooster helps you simplify the transition. We start with consolidation. You've spent years accumulating various assets, and the first consolidation step is crucial for understanding the strategic significance of what you've accumulated. Then we'll dive into your unique circumstances so we can help you pursue your goals in retirement. We don't stop there, we'll carefully balance your distributions to meet your RMDs while keeping your lifestyle goals in mind. Our goal is to make sure you can enjoy the retirement you deserve with confidence.

The Core/Satellite Strategy is the Best of Both Worlds

The Core/Satellite Strategy is the Best of Both Worlds

Our core strategy takes all the benefits of auto-pilot wealth management strategies and augments them to benefit your unique goals and circumstances. The consolidation of your assets into a "core" helps us deliver strategic, long-term plan that helps manage risk, and it keeps 80% of your assets in the a cost-effective management system. The remaining 20%, or the "satellites" help us drive at your unique goals and amibitions for a life well-lived in retirement.

All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal. There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful.

Incorporating Alternative Investments

In addition to standard asset classes, Wooster Square Advisors is capable of incorporating alternative assets when necessary. Portfolio offerings split equally between real estate, private equity, and private credit gives clients access to products that have traditionally had lower volatility and lower drawdowns. Talk to Wooster Square Advisors today to see if alternative investments makes sense for you.

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Our team is highly experienced, using time-tested strategies. And yet, we stay fresh in our execution. We invite you to put our elite experience to work for you.

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