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Where Personal Engagement Meets Sophistication

Wooster Square’s namesake pays homage to the picturesque downtown neighborhood that lies just a stone’s throw from our downtown New Haven offices. The rich heritage of hard work, which built this community, lives on in the work that we do for our clients. With a combined 150 years of experience, Wooster Square offers affluent families, business owners, and professionals a premium client experience with cutting-edge advice and sophisticated planning. We invite you to entrust us with the details, so you can focus on pursuing the fullness of a life well lived.

Personalized Engagement that Exceeds Your Expectations

Personalized Engagement that Exceeds Your Expectations

Wooster Square does not do packaged solutions. We are forward-thinking in our approach to meeting the sophisticated needs of your business and personal life. As an independent practice, we have the scale, connections and flexibility to engage with you as an individual, offer high-end, personalized solutions and advice to help you maximize your lifestyle.

Investing in the People and Community We Love

Investing in the People and Community We Love

We are immensely proud of our community and actively contribute our efforts to enrich the lives of the people who live, work and, study here. A long-time community supporter and advocate of higher education, Wooster Square Founding Partner Brett Amendola currently sits on the board of trustees for Quinnipiac University and chairs their endowment committee. We value our community and consistently look for ways to invest in its longevity and well-being.

A Client Experience as Refined as Your Taste

A Client Experience as Refined as Your Taste

Our clients value quality, and we’re committed to providing them with savvy advice and exclusive, high-end service. This includes hosting exclusive events with notable guest speakers, private sporting events and elegant dinners. We enjoy spending time with our clients and investing in efforts which exceed their expectations.

Our Core Values

Absolute Engagement

Our scale and affiliations help us meet sophisticated needs for clients’ businesses and professional lives. Additionally, our nimble independence helps us execute with exceeding levels of personal engagement. 

Time-Tempered Experience

We’ve seen the bulls and bears come and go. We utilize time-tested strategies in unique and highly-personalized ways. There is not a lot we have not seen, and our clients rest easy knowing that.

Premium Client Experience

Our clients never compromise on quality. We are committed to providing exclusive, high-end service and unique, cutting-edge advice and recommendations to exceed our clients' expectations.

Savvy, Elegant Execution

Our clients trust us with their biggest hopes and dreams because they value our astute perspective and they know they can rely on our savvy execution to help them pursue their goals and desires.

Our Financial Partners

Parent: Cetera Financial Group

Our Custodian: Pershing

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Our team is highly experienced, using time-tested strategies. And yet, we stay fresh in our execution. We invite you to put our elite experience to work for you.

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Our Approach

Our advisors engage on a highly personal level to deliver a premium client experience and truly customized solutions our clients trust.

Our Approach

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